Terry Loffree is a registered Yoga Therapist, Personal Fitness Trainer, and Stott Pilates trained instructor, working in the Mississauga area.  Her Therapeutic Yoga classes are infused with pilates and post rehab exercises.  The goal is to strengthen muscles, improve balance, stretch muscles and fascia tissue (which includes scar tissue), decrease any pain in the body, relieve anxiety and/or depression, improve sleeping, etc.

All classes are modified for each participants needs.  Some can come to the floor, some will stay in a chair.  Classes are kept to small numbers so everyone can safely and effectively practice yoga.

Classes are an hour in length.  Each class starts with working on pranayama – breathing exercises to calm the body and mind.  This prepares the participants to work with their breath during each pose.  Strength, balance and stretching are done in every class ending with shavasana – resting for 5 minutes at the end of class.  This promotes a feeling of calm and well being that will go with you for the remainder of the day.

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